Autumn Staff Farm Walk

We believe it is important for all our staff to really appreciate what it takes to be in business in the farming industry. Farm walks offer us a unique insight into what happens in practice on a farm and the opportunities and challenges our clients face on a daily basis.

Our most recent farm walk saw us visit Claydon Drills. Hearing the history of the farm and story behind the business was fascinating.  We heard and saw first hand the importance of good soil health and the impact farming practices can have on this. For many it was also a real eye opener to just how much of a problem black grass and flea beetle are, not to mention how difficult the war against both is proving.

A huge thank you to our hosts, we all enjoyed our visit and the time taken out of your day to show us around is much appreciated.  

If you would be interested in us coming to visit your farm, please do get in touch, we would love the opportunity to come and see what you do!

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