We act for almost 400 farms and estates. In the modern world there is no such thing as a simple farm, the acts of farming are of themselves complicated and challenging as is the raft of regulations that have to be complied with.

Every farm needs to be run as a business and that’s where we come in. Farmers have enough to deal with on a day to day basis without worrying about such things as finance, budgets and taxation.

We have a specialist and highly trained agricultural team led by Jonathan Tulloch, a farmer’s son with an agricultural management degree. He is supported by our senior partner Peter Homent who has been advising the agricultural community for 40 years.

We believe we are unique in providing our clients with harvest year management accounts together with benchmarking figures, not only for financial information but yields, average prices etc. organised by land and cropping types so as to give truly meaningful figures.

With farming businesses it is crucial that advisors understand the family personalities and aspirations. Advice needs to be joined up, bringing together commercial, finance, tax and family considerations. For this reason we do not have a separate tax department and all advice comes from your team. We can advise on such things as:

Tax mitigation, both income and capital taxes
Tax investigations
VAT planning
Succession planning
Inheritance Tax planning
Profitable use of land
Farm contract and tenancy tenders
Machinery requirements and financing
Finance raising
Bank negotiations
Financial forecasts and budgeting
Diversification viability
Accounting software
Property development
Family trusts
Will planning
Pension and retirement planning
Optimum business structures
and much much more

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