Property Development

Obtaining a planning consent for a property development can bring the land owners a significant financial windfall. With this comes a number of problems such as how to mitigate taxation on the sale, how to protect the value from Inheritance tax, how to protect the family from wasting the new found wealth, how to invest it wisely, how to benefit future generations and how to benefit charities. As ever the answer is plan early and plan carefully.

We have a vast amount of experience in all of these issues having built up a specialism second to none over the last 25 years.

We can advise on a small conversion project up to a large development involving many landowners and complicated consortium agreements.

We have advised a large number of landowners on substantial housing development projects across the Uk. These have often covered hundreds of acres and thousands of houses.

These projects by their very size are complicated and usually involve a very long timescale.
We can advise on:

Tax implications of signing an option or promotion agreement
Consortium or collaboration agreements
Equalisation and pooling agreements
Structuring so as to avoid income tax and mitigate capital gains tax
Structuring to mitigate Inheritance tax as hope value grows on the land
How to effectively provide for future generations
Use of family trusts
Strategies for investing the proceeds

And much much more

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